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A screenshot of the top part of this portfolio website

Portfolio website project overview

11ty static site generator + Netlify = A winning Jamstack combo.


  1. Simple CI with GitHub integration

  2. Headless CMS for ease of management

  3. MVP goal achieved: owner can post content


While I do have a lot to learn, the website was built with accessibility in mind - from the choice of colors up.

A website showing contrast between text and background colors
Light and fast

Images, content organization and website flow were thought to be the least punitive possible for mobile users.

This website achieved a perfect score in Lighthouse analysis

Flexbox and a sprinkle of grids keep the layout light and fluid. On top of that, content updates are easy through Netlify CMS.

A computer running VSCode to manage website content, and a phone accessing the content management system to make a new post
Every commit counts

Since Netlify and the website GitHub repository are connected, commits automatically trigger deployment. Likewise, content made through the CMS becomes a commit.

Netlify code showing the build and deployment of the repository